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Welcome to Amsterdam Warehouse Company! As a company in motion, we understand the power of growth and evolution. We're not just about storage, freight, or customs; we're about the journey forward, together.

Every day, we seek out like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision for progress. From employees to entrepreneurs, from local businesses to global brands, we're all united by a common goal: to embrace change and become better every day.

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Looking for storage of your products? With our excise warehouse, we specialize storing sodas, beer, wines and spirits. Our focus is on beverage brands, however, this does not mean that we don’t store other products.
For instance, we are also good at storing toiletries
and other dry goods. So, no challenge for stocking
your goods is too big for us.

See our services here, but also take a look for international transport and customs in our other departments.

We operate a bonded warehouse where we provide a variety of services for handling drinks, including receiving, storing, labeling, repacking, sending out, and delivering directly to customers (D2C). Our customers love our online platform, where they can easily manage all their warehousing and logistics needs. Additionally, we offer an EDI interface solution in addition to our customer portal.

We offer a range of Value-Added Logistics (VAL) services to our clients, ensuring a comprehensive logistics solution. These services are designed to streamline your logistics operations and enhance efficiency throughout your supply chain. Our offerings include:

  • Order picking: We facilitate picking at the smallest selling unit level.
  • Container loading and unloading.
  • Application of duty stamps/strips.
  • Duty drawback services.
  • Labeling expertise, including printing capabilities.
  • E-commerce support.
  • Access to our customer portal via a mobile app.
    • Real-time updates available 24/7.
    • Order entry management.
    • Inventory management, including stock level monitoring.
    • Tracking and tracing services.
  • Visual documentation with pictures of incoming goods and outgoing orders.

We provide storage solutions for both duty-paid goods and goods stored under bond. What does this mean for you? Firstly, you don't need to pay all duties and excises upfront. Secondly, we handle the entire administrative bookkeeping process for you. Lastly, excises are only incurred on your goods when they're sold to the end customer. It's a simple and efficient solution.

If you are located outside the Netherlands, please explore our fiscal representation service.

As your fiscal representative, we take care of all tax registration forms on your behalf. With years of experience, we specialize in representing brands and distributors, particularly in the fields of Soda, Wine, Beer, and Spirits. For further details, be sure to explore Amsterdam Customs Company.

We provide comprehensive logistics and financial support, covering everything from order acceptance and creation to invoicing, reporting, and aftersales service. As a brand owner, you retain full ownership of your stock with complete visibility throughout the process. We charge a service fee and outbound order cost, without any commission. Additionally, we offer the option to collaborate with multiple brand ambassadors/consultants, with whom we closely coordinate.

In addition to our logistics services, we can assist you with shipping your products directly to consumers (B2C) across various European countries, handling the payment of excise and VAT. Through our structure in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Denmark, and Austria, we facilitate duty-paid shipments.

Partnering with Direct Drinks Distribution allows brands to offer duty-paid shipments to consumers in seven countries and expanding. Direct Drinks Distribution manages the entire order process, including payment and optional customer service. Brands gain full insight into the success of their online marketing strategies while improving profit margins and reducing reliance on specific online retailers.

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We have offices in Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Antwerp, and Grimsby (UK), which means we work across different countries. But even though we have many locations, we work together as one team. Our main focus is always on you, the customer. We make sure that wherever you are, you get the same great service from us, no matter which office you're dealing with.

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Our team is all about youthful ambition and fresh ideas, but we also possess years of experience. Whether it's special requests or challenges of any kind, we don't hesitate to go the extra mile. We are not just there for the basics; we embrace the unique and demanding aspects with enthusiasm.




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